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We build forever homes for those with vision.

Builders of Architecture is an award-winning architectural builder, creating architecturally designed homes for architects and home owners with a vision.

Since 2009, our team have delivered exceptional homes that capture the imagination, fulfil the vision and exceed all expectations of architects and home owners.

Our team believe a designed and built home enables a deep connection to beauty, luxury, family, community and individuality.

Dream Homes in 3 Easy Steps

Our Work

Our team collaborate with architects and home owners who have vision and intent to build a home of distinction. Explore some of our recent completed homes to experience the depth and detail of our work.

Our Process

Our unique approach requires that we are present early in the life of a project, ensuring any ideas conceived at the beginning are completed at the end. Our role is to enable home owners and architects to execute every high quality detail of their vision, on time and within budget.

Our Secret

Your home is the heartbeat of your life. That a well designed home can open us up to each other and to ourselves. A carefully built space can elevate and enhance the quality of our lives. And that the journey of building an architecturally designed home is a once in a lifetime opportunity. That should be shared and savoured.

An Experience Worth sharing

Part I June 2019

“Everything’s gone to plan!”

Having them involved in the design process was something new and people we knew had renovations didn’t have their builder involved in the design process. Our Architect has that channel to go to them and she’s going to be designing something that’s buildable. Having that voice of experience in the design process is priceless. We can’t wait to get into our new home!

Matt & Athena – Home Owners of ‘The Dart’

Part II December 2019

“it’s been remarkably stress free”

If everyone’s collaborating and talking and everyone knows their roles, it just frees up your head space to focus on things like furnishings and handles and, yeah, you can get on with the fun bits and stop stressing about money and construction and things like that because you know that it’s taken care of.

Matt & Athena – Home Owners of ‘The Dart’

Part II march 2020

“We’ve come in ahead of time, we’ve come in bang on budget”

Just looking around everything exceeds our expectations. It’s amazing. It’s an amazing feeling. Yeah, we can’t get over how good it looks. So it’s gonna be wonderful to sort of, as we said at the start, we wanna have the house of our dreams, and get in and get on with living in it, so were looking forward to that.

Matt & Athena – Home Owners of ‘The Dart’

The Bank

In the delightful Brighton precinct, the old bank has been modernised. This building contains an office space in the offices alongside Richard, this contemporary modern apartment has been a welcome addition to the heritage listed building.

The prominent use of timber is complemented with the inclusion of VM Zinc from the external elements brought internally around the fireplace. Externally the concrete finish and VM Zinc is clean and simple which leaves the structure to stand out on its own. This is without a doubt an extraordinary example of what dreams can create.

An Experience Worth sharing

“We’re still pinching ourselves”

We liked the personal approach, we liked the people who came to our house – they made a connection with both of us. They listened to us, what we wanted and what we were hoping for. We wanted to live in the inner city and feel like we were in the bush – we wanted all these beautiful finishes and it’s amazing. We’re still pinching ourselves.
Sandra – Home Owner of ‘The Palm House’

“The team has been incredible”

From when we first met WOWWOA the architects, them connecting us with what was Rock City and is now Builders of Architecture, we feel very lucky to have worked with the team for that. Because I know what it takes to build a really great team and their quality, just the niceness. Everybody’s awesome and that’s made all the conversations we need to have so much easier, ’cause everyone’s so awesome. 
Bec – Home Owner of ‘The Keplar’

It's what you've been looking for, let's start talking about your dream home today.

It's what you've been looking for, let's start talking about your dream home today.